Complete and Partial House Renovations in Reading

Experts in all phases of house renovations, our building contractors deliver high-quality, personal services throughout Reading and Berkshire. Whether you have a whole property in need of revamping, or a few rooms which require decorating, our company provides you with relevant, skilled services.


When undertaking house renovations, it is important for our builders to assess the age and condition of your home. Older buildings are more likely to have existing structural damage, along with other problems, such as rot. Plumbing, heating and electrical systems are often outdated. Replacing these quickly adds to the cost of renovating. Our Gas Safe and NICEIC registered team evaluates your Reading home and ensure you receive safe, modern systems at a great price.

Old windows and doors are a common cause of poor energy efficiency as they let out more heat. This could be because they no longer sit properly in the frame, the windows have single-glazing, or because the seal on a double-glazed unit needs replacing. Our builders in Reading repair and reuse existing fittings wherever possible. If replacements are necessary during house renovations, we use only the most suitable options for your home.


If you are renovating a period or listed property, it will be subject to further regulations. We provide extensive, superior service to maximise your available options in styles that reflect the appearance of an older, more traditional build.

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When assessing your property in Reading or Berkshire, we check for tell-tale signs of damp and rot. Water marks on floors, ceilings and walls are obvious signs of damp, along with condensation. If present, our building contractors will evaluate and remedy the cause, safeguarding house renovations.


A further problem we address early on is signs of rot, mould or mildew in the property. These issues, often found under floorboards or in the attic, can have a negative impact on health – particularly with asthma sufferers.


Small cracks are usually not a massive issue, but larger cracks may indicate structural problems. With our extensive knowledge, we ensure your house remains safe during and after building work.

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Once your property is ready for further house renovations, our building contractors begin personalising the space. We work closely with our Reading customers and stick to the specification requested by the homeowner or their architect.


During renovations, we perform any alterations you require, such as creating kitchen diners by knocking through walls. It is also convenient and cost-effective to construct any loft conversions or house extensions at the same time. Obviously, these are subject to planning permission, but our builders will discuss them with you.


If you have only one or two rooms which need a revamp, we are more than happy to perform smaller renovation projects.


As well as improving the inside of your Reading property with plastering, painting and decorating services, house renovations offer a great opportunity to update the exterior. Where appropriate, new cladding, rendering, roofing repairs or driveway repairs can significantly improve the look and energy efficiency of your home.

For bespoke house renovations in Reading and the surrounding area, call 07949 291738.

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