Loft Conversions in Reading and the Surrounding Areas

A vast number of households in Reading and Berkshire waste valuable space by not utilising their loft. If you’ve ever thought your house needs an extra bedroom, bathroom or office, discover the possibilities of loft conversions. Our building contractors possess the skills needed to transform an unused or underused area of your home into a comfortable living space.


Before jumping into any building work, it is important to consider your options. There needs to be enough headroom for the conversion to be functional, with plenty of floor space left after allowing for a staircase. Whilst planning permission is typically only necessary for house extensions in Reading, loft conversions must have approval under building regulations if they don’t fall inside permitted development rights or if they require a Party Wall Agreement.



Once our builders assess your home, they advise on the best options for your individual requirements. This depends on the style of your current roof space, but the most common loft conversions are:


• Rear Dormer

• Mansard

• Hip-to-Gable

• Velux Windows


We find that the majority of homeowners in Reading and Berkshire would benefit most from a rear dormer conversion. This style adds extra height to the rear of your roof, creating more head and floor space.


Mansard loft conversions maximise space but, in most cases, require roof alterations. This means you will need planning permission.


A typical choice for semi-detached homes in Reading is the hip-to-gable loft conversion. This is the best option for currently unused or underused space.


With Velux loft conversions, our building contractors utilise the current space in your attic without making alterations to the roof. By adding rooflights, lofts benefit from improved light transfer to make the space warm and habitable. This makes them a more affordable and less time-consuming option. However, your existing loft must be big enough to use as a living area.

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Discover the potential of loft conversions in Reading and Berkshire by calling 07949 291738.



One of the key factors to consider when planning loft conversions in Reading is the location of the new staircase. This needs to be in a position that doesn’t take up valuable floor space, in either your loft or on the landing below. There are a few options when it comes to placement and style of new staircases, and our builders will explore these with you. Keep in mind, building regulations stipulate a minimum head height of 1.9m at the centre of the stairs. While this may limit your choices, Macbeth & Co Building Services make sure to find the best solution for your home.



When constructing loft conversions, our building contractors ensure the safety of our Reading customers. We do this by providing suitable and effective ventilation and fire safety measures. At least one window needs to allow for escape in the event of a fire. Getting to the ground is harder from a loft, so devising a route, such as onto a nearby flat roof, is advisable.


Depending on the use of your new loft, different amounts of ventilation are necessary. If you are including a bathroom, you will need more ventilation. Typically, use of windows and trickle vents will meet requirements.

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loft conversions in reading image 1
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